Sunday, July 19, 2009

CLEAR Internet Service

So, due to my hatred of Comcast Service, I finally ditched them in order to give CLEAR a chance. Here is what I've found so far:

When I called and spoke to the first guy who actually sold me on CLEAR, he told me it would be $162 to get set up for what I wanted. This fee included an activation fee ($35, I would prefer not to pay something like that, but they would of course waive it if you sign a 2-year contract, I just wasn't ready for that commitment yet), the price of the modem ($80, and I would much prefer to buy it then rent it), and the first month of service ($30 for the 3mbps plan, supposedly comparable to Comcast6). When I actually went to pay the price was $161.87.

CLEAR internet service runs on radio waves comparable to microwaves. I don't really understand the technology and I haven't done a lot of research on it. Supposedly you take the modem out of the box, plug it in, it gets the signal from the air, and you're ready to go. It wasn't quite that easy for me. I took it out of the box and it never got service. I tried putting in a window like the instructions suggested. I called customer service that had me walk it from room to room all over my house and point it "left of east" where the actual tower was in order to achieve a signal; still nothing. They did offer to send someone out, but it was going to be about a week before they could come out and I had scheduled the Comcast people to come pick up their equipment the following day. I really wasn't interested in waiting that long and was considering just returning everything. I left the modem plugged in and called my husband to give him the bad news. When I walked back in the room...boom! Two bars of service!

I had a little trouble after that because I never saw the TOS to agree to in order to activate my service. I called customer care again to see if I was just missing something and they supposedly set me all up. I ran a few internet speed tests and I was only hitting about 1.52mbps for my download speed which I thought was rather disappointing. Everything was SLOW.

HOWEVER...the next morning when I tried to browse the web I kept getting the TOS that I coudln't make load the night before. Only, now I was sucked into a loop where all I could do is load the TOS without actually being able to browse. I finally called customer care...again...and they "provisioned" my router. After that, I started doing internet speed tests and I was testing at almost the entire 3mbps I was promised.

The next day (today), I have ran a few more tests. The lastest one, the download speed was 4.26mbps! And all of this while running major downloads in the background. I am starting to be very impressed with this service.

One more however though...I looked at my banking info online and I was not charged the $161.87. I was instead charged $187 and some change the day OF the transaction. I thought they must have charged me to overnight the product to me without asking me. But, today the charge is only $160.00. So I'm really not sure if that was an issue with my bank, or an issue with them, or what. But I will update if I find any new information.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BoostBerry How-To, Everything you Need to Know

So I do a lot of crazy, obsessive, nerdy things that most of my friends really don't care about. But since I know there are a lot of other people in the world who do care about them, I decided to start this blog and the Boostberry seemed to be the best way to do that!

Here is a guide to the things I had to do to make it work properly.


Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but currently we CANNOT use BLACKBERRY MESSENGER.



If anyone has any ideas on how to make this work, great, post it, let's make some magic happen. Otherwise, come on guys...


EDIT: *This whole time I was more concerned with writing a how-to that had all the FAQ so everyone had a one-stop shop. I didn't even think to thank the person that actually combined my books with anworm's for us!

So anyways, a big thanks to for combing the books and making SO many Boosters happy!*

So there were a couple of things I had to do to start with in order for me to get some of my stuff going the way I wanted them to:

1) I had to copy all of my contacts from my SIM card

a) Click on the “Contacts” Icon

b) Click on the Blackberry menu key; Contacts from SIM card

c) Click on the Blackberry menu key; Copy all to Contacts

2) I had to turn off Smart Dialing (+1) dialing to be able to place calls from my phone book.

a) Click on the Green phone icon key

b) Click on the Blackberry menu key; Options; Smart Dialing

c) Change the country code to “unknown”

Then, you need to get all the correct service books installed so you have full access to everything. You can download them here:

NOTE: This is a ZIP file. You will have to extract in order to use with BB DM. If you do not know how, read this: How To: Open a Zip file


a) On your device, go to Options -> Advanced Options -> Service Books hold Alt and hit {S}{B}{E}{B} let go of alt and it should show a message about how legacy service books are enabled.


a) Hook up the phone to the laptop

b) Open Blackberry Desktop Manager -> Backup/Restore -> Advanced

i) On the right side, scroll down to Service Books, then press the <<

ii) Click on Save, and save them some place just in case


a) First, clear your service books by scrolling down on the right side, high light Service Books, then press Clear

b) Check your device now (Options -> Advance Options -> Service Books)

i) If there is anything left besides something that mentions TCP/IP or Browser, delete those also

c) Open BB DM, go to Backup/Restore -> Advanced -> Left Window -> File -> Open -> select the service book file you downloaded, then the >> button to move it over. A pop-up will ask if you want to over-write. Say "Yes."

d) Disconnect phone from Computer.

e) Go to Options -> Advanced Options -> Host Routing Table -> BB Menu key -> Register

f) go to advanced settings -> browser and change the hot spot to browser.

i) Now your browser should be enabled, along with this, you should also be able to send/receive MMS. Now would be an okay time to test this, by sending one to yourself. If you are able to send, but not receive, make sure your phone is updated with the correct IMEI on Boost's "My Account" area and that you have disabled text forwarding. It might also be a good idea to put your SIM in a different phone and make sure your number is receiving texts.

g) If you do not get the browser option restart and try again. You will need to restart with step 1 (holding down alt+sbeb).

Now that you’ve done that, you should also be able to use the BB inbox for email via Shangmail. This is an application that runs in the background and pushes your email to your BB.

1.) Go to Shangmail’s website: Shangmail-Cell phone mailbox, mobile phone e-mail, take with you freely I used the English version but it does go down from time to time. I have heard the Chinese version is more reliable but I do not know this from experience.

2.) From there, you should be able to register, add up to 5 pop3 email accounts, and download the app and install via Desktop Manager.

3.) Once installed, you have to open the application and log in. After that, it should start up instantly and push your email to you instantly.

Now you should have full use of your BoostBerry! Here are a few additional applications I recommend:

1.) Opera Mini (Opera Mini - Download)

a. You do not have to use this for web browsing since you have the native browser working, but there are some sites that load better with Opera and it’s faster.

2.) Google Maps (You will have to download this via the BB Browser OTA. You have the option to do this when you go to with your BB Browser).

a. You now have the Blackberry Maps application installed but certain functions are blocked out because you do not have BIS/BES so this program will help. (EDIT: go into options;service books and delete 5 click ipppp) There are also other GPS programs out there. I have heard good things about AmazeGPS but I haven’t personally tried it.

3.) VyMail (

a. This is a third-party App for using YouMail. As of right now, you can only download YouMail via the Blackberry Store Application but you won’t be able to use that since you don’t have BIS/BES. I’ve used both and this works just as well.

4.) “Visible Menus Theme” (Default theme with black menus)

a. A lot of third party pieces of software such as Opera Mini do not support the transparent menus that are utilized in the default them for the 8350. This theme is simply the default theme but with the fix so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Now, if you still have the urge to forward your text messages to your email, here is the how-to on that. This is a little more updated than the other one.

1) Go to and where you can sign in, click on “Sign Up.”

2) The rest should be pretty straight forward, just fill out the form. Once you get logged it, it might say “Cannot access your account at this time.” Don’t worry about that, just move on.

3) Go to and log in with the same information.

4) You will see a red bar that says “Your messages cannot be read. Please try again later.” Do not worry about that, this is made for Sprint customers so you will never be able to read your messages on this page.

5) Click on Preferences, then Forward Messages.

6) At this point, you can choose a place to forward your messages too. This can be any email address, but the most popular is a gmail or msn account b/c you can download the app for the respective email accounts and they poll often enough. Since I downloaded shangmail, I have push email so I just used my favorite email account. I also tested sending it to This comes in as an SMS message which is instant (sometimes shangmail can take up to 15 minutes). However, it does not show who the message is from. If you get it as an email, it will tell you it’s from “your friends number/” If you want to reply, you will have to send a message to “your friends number@their service” It’s a pain, but it’s better than nothing. Anyway, type in your email address and click “add.” If you want to test different ones to see which comes in faster or how they come in, you can add more than one address.

7) Be sure to check the boxes that say “Enable Forwarding Address” and “Keep a Copy in my Inbox until it expires” and then click “Okay” to save everything.