Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where I Shop to Save $$

Like most of you out there, I am not exactly swimming in the dough these days. However, I do have a crazy addiction to technology, and I am always looking for my next little toy! So, how am I still able to treat myself? Internet shopping! It seems that almost any product you want to buy, you can find somewhere online for a very decent price!

In this spirit, I thought I would share the websites I that check every day as a part of my morning routine. These sites have saved me hundreds, if not thousands, over the past couple of years!

This website is a compilation of general deals on the net. It even has a "free goods" link at the top for their forum where users submit links to various kinds of freebies.

This is one of those very popular deal-a-day sites. It is mostly electronics, but sometimes they surprise you. Deals are normally pretty decent, and deliveries are fast and on-time. They even have a few split offs from the main site including a "sellout" page on Yahoo Shopping, a T-shirt page, a Wine page, and more recently, a kids page.

1 Sale a Day
This is another DOD site. I like them because most days the items are very cheap. In fact, some days there are free items, you just pay shipping which is normally around $5. I have ordered a few things from them. The products were good, I just did not care for their shipping times. It took around 1.5 weeks after my purchase for both items. They also do not do combined shipping. But other than that, I have been very happy with my purchases so far! They have two other tabs on the site, too, one for Wireless and one for Watches.

DOD Tracker
DOD tracker is a little different. It takes all of the DOD sites it can find, and posts their current deal in one easy to look at place. And yes, it does have Woot! and 1 Sale a Day, those are just my favorites so I like to look at those first. This helps to find some amazing deals! For example, I found a BT dongle on this site for around $5 shipped!

There are tons of deal sites out there. And there are lots of sits that just have good prices on all kinds of stuff like Buy.com and MWave.com. If you're shopping for something in particular, you might want to try something like Google Shopping or Nextag where you can enter a product and it will search for the best price for you, and they also have reviews of the companies your purchasing from. Then, of course, there's always eBay or Craig's List where you can buy used goods for a decent price!


jezghani said...

Pay attention to the ads; the one on top (I think it stays there?) is from groupon.com and it's for another DOD site, but specifically for Atlanta! Pretty cool.