Friday, August 3, 2012

XBMC For Android + 1Channel Plugin

Okay, so here is every step to get XBMC and 1Channel up and running on your Thrive or other Tegra 2 device:

NOTE: touch input isn't very responsive, you are going to want to use an external keyboard or mouse.

1.) Install XBMC using this link:

2.) Download 1Channel and get it where your tablet has access to it.

3.) Ideally, you want to either your own onechannelcache.db to /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc. xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata/database and your own libraries over to /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc, or just copy my over ontop of yours on your tablet.  It's going to be a pain to set up your entire library on the tablet, as touch input is hardly working and you have to use a keyboard/mouse and it's slow and a little buggy.

4.) Once you get into XBMC, go to System-> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from ZIP, and navigate to the 1channel zip you downloaded. 
5.) Go to Videos -> Files -> Files -> Add Source and you will have to type in special://userdata/addon_data/  This is tough because the backspace on your hardware keyboard won't work, and if you use any symbols on your hardware keyboard it freaks out.  So to type the symbols, use your mouse to click "symbols" and pick them out and if you have to backspace use your mouse to click backspace.  When it asks how to scrape it tell it TVDb.  Now do the same thing for special://userdata/addon_data/ but use theMovieDb this time.

6.)  If you used my files or your own, then at this point when it asks you if you want to scan these locations for new files say yes and wait.

7.)  Now you can watch whatever you want wherever you have internet.  If you want to add movies/shows, just search for them and right-click (long press wasn't working for me so I used the keyboard key for right-click) and choose "Add to Library."  If it's a show you want to get new epsides of as they come out, also right-click and choose "Subscribe."

I have my own userdata folder to share, but it is 90MB.  I have attached screen shots of my working XBMC installation with 1channel.  I uplaoded my userdata file to [link concealed, contact me if interested].  This would also work on your PC.  First I would go through all the TVShows and see if you want to delete any.  If you delete a lot, I wouldn't add the onechannelcache.db because I'm not sure, but you probably are going to want to delete all those subscriptions you don't want and it might be easier to just add the ones you kept intead. 

You can basically follow the same instructions for any XBMC installation on any device, just the file paths and installation files might be different.

Now, if this was working with PseudoTV...